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United States
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SEO Optimisation
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4 Months

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Boosting SEO and Increasing Organic Traffic for QQShill’s Crypto Marketing Bot Software.

QQShill, a leading company in the Telegram marketing bot industry for crypto projects, faced a significant challenge with their search engine optimization (SEO). Their software products were not achieving optimal visibility on search engine results pages, which was impacting their ability to compete effectively in their industry.

To address this issue, I conducted a thorough analysis of QQShill’s website and products. I discovered that one of the primary issues was the lack of appropriate schema markup for their software pages. Schema markup is a special code that helps search engines understand what your content is about. By adding schema markup to their software pages, QQShill would be able to provide more information to search engines about their products and make it easier for people to find them online.

In addition to schema markup, I also assisted QQShill in optimizing their WordPress SEO and configuring Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Sitemap. 

I optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags to include relevant keywords, made sure their website was mobile-friendly and had fast page load speeds, and conducted keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for their business.

All these efforts paid off as within just four months, QQShill experienced a 3x increase in organic search traffic to their website. The success of this project highlights the importance of technical SEO expertise, collaboration between development and SEO teams, and effective SEO strategies. By addressing technical issues like schema markup, optimizing their website for SEO, and using the right keywords, QQShill was able to improve their online presence and compete more effectively in their industry.

Microsoft Bing SEO Ranking
QQShill ranks #1 on Bing search engine.
Google SEO Ranking
QQShill ranks #2 on Google search engine.

QQShill had a specific goal of ranking at the top of Google and Microsoft Bing search results, which are popular search engines used by their target audience. Hence, I helped them improve their online visibility and increase traffic to their website. As an experienced digital marketing specialist, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of their website and identified several areas for improvement.

To achieve their goals, I not only optimized the meta title, meta description tags, and rich snippets, but also improved website content. Additionally, I conducted keyword research and used targeted keywords throughout their website to improve their search engine rankings.

I ensured that their website was mobile-friendly and had fast page load speeds, which are crucial factors for search engine optimization. To improve their indexing and ranking on Microsoft Bing and Google,

I utilized my technical SEO expertise to ensure that their website was properly configured and optimized for search engines.

As a result of my SEO efforts, QQShill’s website experienced a significant increase in visibility and traffic from search engines. Not only did they achieve their goal of ranking at the top of Microsoft Bing search results, but they also rose to the #2 spot on Google.

This success was due to a combination of technical SEO strategies, content optimization, and keyword targeting that I implemented on their website. By working collaboratively with QQShill’s team and using my expertise in SEO, I was able to help them achieve their goals and stand out in their competitive industry.

SEO Ranking Microsoft Bing
Standing out from the competition! QQShill ranks #1 on Bing search engine and appears with rich snippets.
Google SEO Ranking
Standing out from the competition! QQShill ranks #1 on Google search engine and appears with rich snippets.
Our business was struggling with SEO until we partnered with Steph. She brought technical expertise, innovative ideas, and a collaborative approach that led to a significant improvement in our search engine rankings and overall online presence.
Founder of QQShill

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